Big Data is not a Want, it’s a Need

Our clients rely on us for architecting their Big Data platforms and implementing custom solutions.

Our Big Data Services

Comprehensive & End To End

Data Ingestion

Live stream or batch read your data from any source

Data Pipelines

Move & process petabytes of data at synchronized speeds

Big Data Stores

Select and implement right data stores depending on your use cases and solution requirements

Data Lake

Bring all your data into one place before you plan to do anything with it

Big Data Security & Governance

Configure access policies, track data lineage, and implement regulatory compliance requirements

Solutioning & Use Case Development

Engage Everlytics to build your data-powered apps

Solutions & Use Cases

Enterprise Data Lake

A Hadoop-based system for storing organization-wide data of any shape and size. Building a Data Lake is the first step toward democratizing the data and opening doors to innovations cross-functionally.

Streaming Analytics & IoT

A system that ingests and processes live telemetry sensor data at massive scale and speed. Classic solutions include SIEM, Predictive Maintenance, Connected Car etc.

High-Performance Data Store

Specialized data stores that cater to specific business needs. Examples include Graph databases for building fast recommendation engines, Massively parallel processing (MPP) systems for horizontally scalable data warehouses etc.

More Solutions

- Social Listening Platform
- Web Crawler & Indexing Pipeline


Hadoop Platforms

Cloudera, Hortonworks, EMR, HDInsights


ELK, Beats, SearchGuard, ElastAlert, X-Pack

Big Data Processing

Apache Spark, Storm, Hive


Apache Kafka, EventHub, Kinesis

Big Data Stores

HBase, Cassandra, Greenplum, Postgres-XL, Redshift