The New Science of Winning

Predictive Analytics is the use of data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data.

Analytics for Selling

Leads Scoring & Propensity-to-Buy

Score your leads on the probability of conversion. Quantify the drivers of leads. Reduce acquisition cost.

Pricing Analytics

Optimal price bands to maximize revenue and margin. Price elasticity of demand.

Marketing Mix Modelling

Optimal allocation of spends across media channels for maximum ROI.

Behavioral Segmentation

Unearth behavioral groups in your customer base and design strategies accordingly.

Cross-sell Recommendations

Increase average order size through effective cross selling recommendations mined using market basket analysis.

Analytics for Growth

Recommendation Engines

Content recommendation, Job recommendation (matching Candidate’s profile) etc.

Customer Lifetime Value

Identify your valuable customers based on their current spend, predicted future spend, and cost of servicing.

Churn Prediction

Because acquiring new customer is more costly than retaining existing one.

Customer Feedback & Sentiment

Mine customer buzz and emotions around your brand, product, service.

Analytics for Operational Excellence

Equipment Yield Prediction

Oil rig equipment, Wind turbines etc.

Forecasting Demand

Hospitality, Airline and such businesses with perishable inventory.

Predicting Footfalls

Patient volumes for hospital emergency services, Customer walk-ins for a retail store etc.

Predicting Repeat Customers

Patient readmissions, Subscription renewals, Repeat orders etc.

IT Infra Optimization

Monitor cloud systems utilization for insights to scale down