Thanks to Big Data & Predictive Science

Here comes a solution that can monitor your machines and alert when they are about to fail.

Critical equipment on the production line just cannot afford downtime. They need to be serviced before they fail to avoid losses that can run into millions of dollars.

Here we are talking about aircraft engines, telecom sub-stations, wind turbines, medical devices, and in general all the manufacturing equipment.


Everlytics has built a one-of-a-kind complete solution to monitor the risks of failure and predict the failure of a machine in advance so that service personnel can attend to it proactively and save big bucks for the company.

The solution is built using state-of-the-art technology framework that can ingest and analyze telemetry data at massive scale and speed. At its core is a self-learning AI engine that predicts impending failure with high sensitivity. The solution is ready for deployment to multiple industries including but not limited to Telecom, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Wind Power, IT, Manufacturing etc.


Try it out by opting in for our quick Proof of Value implementation plan that can be wired to your machines in a week given the operation logs are already captured.

The Production solution will require our Engineers and Data Scientists to wire multiple machines, work on your data and tweak the AI engine for highest accuracy and sensitivity.


  • Data Ingestion
  • Monitoring of machine’s vital signs
  • Alerts based on defined thresholds
  • AI-based failure predictor
  • Root cause analysis & Deep dive
  • Operator dashboard
  • Executive dashboard
  • Multiple machines
  • High prediction sensitivity
  • Self-improving algorithm
  • Sub-optimal utilization flagging

Proof of Concept