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Everlytics can help you build an analytic infrastructure that is fully automated and integrated into your business operations.

Our Business Intelligence Services

Everything That You Need To Get Started

BI & Data Warehousing

Dashboards and Rear View Mirrors for your Business

Operational Intelligence

Analyze live, fast-changing data and provide immediate feedback

Predictive Intelligence

Powered by machine learning & statistical models

BI & Data Warehousing

Data Warehouse design & development, ETL Pipeline, SQL Query, Data Modelling, Replication, CDC, Report Development


Reporting Tools
Tableau, Power BI, SSRS

MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres

ETL Tools
SSIS, Talend, Streamsets


Operational Intelligence

Unlike traditional BI that works with static historical data, Operational Intelligence works with live, fast-changing data generated by IOT sensors, connected devices, manufacturing machines etc.


Data Stores
Elasticsearch, HBase, MPP databases

Visualization Tools
Kibana, Grafana

Stashing Tools
Logstash, Beats, Kafka

Processing Tools
Apache Spark, Storm

Predictive Intelligence

While traditional BI is like rear-view mirrors, predictive BI is like headlights for your business. It answers the tougher ‘why’ questions.


Marketing ROI dashboard
with optimal allocation of Spends across media channels

Hospital operations dashboard
with predicted Readmissions this month

Ecommerce report
with predicted Cart Abandons

Sales dashboard
with predicted Conversions and Revenue

360-degree customer intelligence report
Recommended products, Probability of churn, Customer lifetime value etc.