AI Is Finally Paying Off

Everlytics is helping early adopters realize the business value of AI & cognitive technologies.

Our Cognitive Services

Using Computer Vision and Deep Neural Nets

Image Deciphers

Automate the assessment and interpretation of images of interest

Object Detection

Replicate human eyes and knowledge to detect and classify objects that matter to your business

Use Cases

Industrial Counting

Heavy Engineering

Counting materials such as pipes, H-piles etc. stacked at site.

Image Deciphers


Diagnosing lung cancer by deciphering chest CT scans. Same can be extended to other forms of cancer.

Object Detection


Classifying stink bugs that prey on Macadamia Nut crops in Africa.

Other Examples

- Identifying gender and age of a person that is using a kiosk.
- Number plate recognition.
- Counting vehicles, people etc.